Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Growing Up- friendships, heartbreaks and love!!!!

'With age comes wisdom'!!!

I do not agree with that statement! I 'd rather say 'With experience comes wisdom! You can be 50 years old and still not be wise, you might not be blessed with the maturity adept for a 50 year old and this same logic applies to a girl/ woman/ simply a person who is turning 27 years old on the 31st of July!

27 years of my life! I don't remember what I have achieved or done in the last 27 years that is worth mentioning as an accomplishment. Well, to begin with, I have studied a lot, a Diploma in IT, a B.Sc in Microbiology, and TWO M.SCs and after that what? Nothing! That is all that I have till date to tell the world of what I have done in the last few years. Some may feel its a lot of studies and some may feel its alright, for me, its 7 years of experience, education and friendship time!!!

It is these years in school and college that I met my soulmates, best best best friends, best friends and many many friends and that is why I love all those years of education, education of LIFE.

My LIFE began with my first steps into an actual school, in kerala, St.Josephs (still known as Kapalpalli since it is shaped like a ship and has a church inside it). This was during the pre-school/ Kindergarden- times (LKG and UKG) and thats where I made my first friend - Aleena. I still remember her name and during my last visit to India, I came to know that she was married and lived in chennai, from her Gran who lives across our ancestral home in Kerala. She's the only person I can remember from those two years of my life.

Following that, we moved to Chennai, where my LIFE actually began! Yes, I was moulded and brought to form in the wonderful school, Shri B.S.Mootha and I am proud of that school to this day. I still remember the first day I stepped into that school to take an entrance exam, where I met Shalini Ravi, who was taking the test with me. She was asked to write numbers till 60 or so and I was asked to write alphabets, and after I finished my alphabets, I simply began to write the numbers till 60. I remembered that part so vividly because I was admonished by my favourite teacher to this day, Mrs.G.Vijayalakshmi and advised to not copy again but nevertheless she was impressed that I knew my numbers. There began my tale. Shalini became my FIRST best friend and there was no looking back. We lived close by and used to play and study together and go to eachothers houses. I remember our birthday parties and gifts. I remember her family, her mom's cooking (her Bombay chutney was awesome), her dad being a doctor and her little pretty sister Vaishnavi. We grew up like that for five years or so and then suddenly she left for Coimbatore with her family, where her Dad had to have his practice. When she left she took a part of me. I still remember crying all those days and hating to go to school, or hating to make new friends. I couldn't trust anyone else for a long time for the fear that they too will one day abandon me. So there was this phase in my life when I had friends, but not best best friends, and they happened to be Majisha, Aarthe, B.Kavitha, Purnema, Kiran and so on. I remember the one and only tour I ever got to go in that school to Banglore. It was fun and memorable. Eventually Aarthe and I started spending a lot of time together, studying, playing, gossiping and I began to feel that I finally found a best friend again. It worked and somehow 10 years in that school flew by with no regrets but complete fun. Fate took a turn when both I and Aarthe left that school to join GRT. I hated that school for everything and this is just my personal experience. For others the school brought joy but it brought me tears and experiences called Life. It also however gifted me with few special friends Arunn, Sindhana, Koushik, Ashwin and Annapoorni, most of whom are till this date my best best friends!

It was here in this school, I met KK. Everyone remembers their first crush, first love and first failure too. It was in this school that I actually got to meet the other gender of the human species and hormones began to work I guess, because it was then that I had my first crush on the Golden eyed boy who happened to come to school with my best friend Sindhana. KK and I became good friends, but God I had huge crush on him but of course he didn't know that. I remember the fun times, especially when Kavita tried to get a pic of us together when we went on a tour to Banglore. I also remember how we tried to celebrate Sindy's birthday on the tour. I wouldn't say it was the best tour, but yeah it had its moments.

Disaster struck on the new year's eve 2000, when I had the small accident and hurt my back. Stayed at home for weeks in recovery and exams were fast approaching. Couldn't go to any classes or tuitions. Thanks to KK, who came to tutor me, I could learn what I did with the exception of Maths. February 14th came and with it followed our farewell party. Few days before or so, I remember, KK and I started liking eachother. We'd all remember the short story by O'Henry- After Twenty Years, and yes, KK made a plan of 'After 7 Years'. I remember the time when he took me to get henna tattoo on my hands, all the gifts that he'd given me. Our farewell party went well. All girls looked gorgeous in bright and lovely sarees and the boys tried their best to look their best. KK dropped me back home that evening. Those were moments I'd cherish. Well, first crush and first love apart, exams lurked in the corner. Blame it on my overconfidence or laziness, I eventually failed in the only 12th std exam in Maths that too, when everyone expects to pass with flying colours. The damage was already done and it was too late to blame it on the teachers, the school or me for that matter. A little extra effort could have saved me from all that trouble, shame, disappointments and my first failure.

After that first lesson of failure, I learnt never to take anything or anyone for granted. My dad and few of my close friends were very supportive. I now feel that, my first love did not work cos I blamed my first failure on the first love or rather the first ever distraction I had. I was bad. I blamed it all on the relationship and it wasn't fair to him what I did. I somehow pulled through that failure phase, got myself together, did not waste any more time and finished my Diploma and then joined SRM Arts and Science College. It was in this first year at SRM that I felt I could not maintain a long distance relationship with KK (who got his engineerin admission in Tanjore). We had the long distance calls which eventually proved to be expensive and eventually exhausting to me and it simply ended.

SRM blessed me with my best best friends Shweta and Anna , and to complete the gang there was, Sharanya, Rohini, Gayatri, Bharath and SMS. It was the most fun time I ever had in a long long time. The first year flew by quickly but it was the most fun. After a long time, I learnt to have fun again. I grew up then. I say I grew up then, not because I learnt how to have fun, but also learnt when to stop. I studied well, made sure never failed again. I worked hard, but I also bunked classes, went out with friends and had the time of my life. I remember our canteen times, how we used to occupy one big table and sat around it. I remember how Shweta fell in Love with the man of her dreams -Eshwar or rather the guy we call Dracula whom she eventually married; how Anna had her crushes and moments, how Chuckky got her proposals and how Gini and I tried to simply have fun. Then there was Valya too, the neutral person in the whole gang, because we never knew her really really well. I remember our first class bunking and the first movie we went to together as a Gang- RUN...and the Priya priya experience. Phew! We first went to Qwickys and took that first pic together and after that there was no stopping us.

I have come a long way from that little girl who always needed her daddy around, to the person I am today, living far from family and friends but of course close to the person I love (About him and the lessons he has taught me, I need a whole new Post!!!!)

From my friends and close ones, I learnt about fun, loyalty, relationships, friendship, togetherness, sharing, caring, supporting each other, covering up for each other, taking chances, love, responsibility and mainly about LIFE!!!! I'm happy my best friends are still my best friends. I learnt that people come and go in your life and it is up to us to make them stay and hence to this day, my first best friend Shalini is still a part of my life, she's still in touch with me and what more can I ask for?

So the last 27 years of my life has seen its ups and downs and I have made a list of things to do before I die because I have realised that Life is short and I need to make the most of it while I can. I know I have become a woman, because I have begun to shop like one, So here I am, hoping to eventually become wiser, someday.


Sindhana said...

love u doll...god bless n hope u will have the best of life!!!

Priya.T.S said...

I know you do!!!! Love u too!!!!

Murali said...

Hey Priya!! Nice post!! You've been modest enough to say you havent really done anything in the past 27 years!! But without your knowledge, you would've brought out a smile in millions of ppl! A simple smile to an unknown guy on the subway could've changed his day! :) So you never know what your TRUE purpose is! But like you said, all you need to do is be wise and continue being what you are :)

Kaya said...

Watte post Pri!!..... Cnt thank u enuf for a total recap of those wonderful years! :)
Loads of Luv!

Sharanya Ravi said...

awwwww prii hugs hugs muah!!!! it was so beautiful rerun the times in my head.. lots n lots of love :)

Priya.T.S said...

Thank U Murali, Sharanya, Sindhana and Gayu!!!! It means a lot!!!! :)

Sudharsan said...

Priya :) We always find time to the things we like , Luv. Ur jot on the journey so far and the frens u made was really really nice. Phew the B'lore tour the noises u people made and punch I got from KK, Hw cud I 4get !!!!

Its really nice to be associated wid u !!!
Happy Living

Nikhil said...

its wonderful......

Arunn said...

Guess those 27 years were action packed after all feels like life is on a slow rewind mode when we read through ur blog and share the wonderful memories which makes life worthwhile - hope your path ahead is also filled with memories to cherish !!!

disturbedalchemy said...

lovely,spoken from the heart!!! loved it honey!! happy blogging!!!

PRK said...

sweet and lucid :)
never knew u bunked your 12th grade!! it takes a lot of courage and determination to overcome that!! and to see you where you are now, make me feel proud of you lady :)
'Live Life King Size :)'
(Btw whos the guy who said with age comes wisdom?)

shalini said...

Excellent Priya!! Well written, sweet, and straight from heart. I am sorry that I have been a reason for your heart break at your young age. I wish your journey from now on would only be filled with fun and joy with your dear people around!