Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Princess and love!

I woke up today morning after dreaming about myself being treated like a princess. How weird is that? I also remember telling my best friend Sindhana, a couple of days back that I want to be treated like a princess and maybe that was the only possible explanation for today's dream.

Growing up, I always believed in fairy tales. I had always wanted to look pretty, wear pretty clothes, and be treated like a princess. For sometime I was a princess, my Dad's little princess. But then I began to grow up. After when I was sensible enough I did however realise that fairy tales don't always come true but you could however feel like a princess if you find the right person.

To be a princess, you first need to be pretty! I am pretty. I believe I am pretty not because I think I'm pretty but because my parents say so. To every parent, their own child is the prettiest and so it is to my parents too and I also happen to believe anything they say. So when they tell me I'm pretty, I believe I'm pretty. Regarding pretty clothes, I've had good taste in clothes for as long as I can remember. Now coming to the part where I need to be treated like a princess.....its entirely not up to me is it? You need the prince charming!!!

Well, the simple secret to be treated like a princess is to accept the person who loves you and not go for the one whom you love. If you choose the guy who loves you, you will be the princess in his life cos you'll be the world to him. If you choose the one whom you love, you will also end up being the maid. Now, how true can this be?

We always end up choosing the one we love and not the one who loves us. This is so because, we want to be faithful to ourselves and not make the wrong choice and not to end up hurting the one who loves us. There is also the possibility that both persons love each other; they would undoubtedly be the perfect princess and prince charming and here I'd like to mention that I know few of my very close friends who have been lucky in their love life and some not so lucky.

You might know a person for years and yet really not know them inside out- This was the first advice given to me by my brother (Vinod Cheta). The first ever relationship advice I got and I still cherish it, Cos I believe it is cent percent true.

After the carefree life you have as a teenager, going to school, working on homework, being under parental care for all those years, stepping into adulthood is a great responsibility. Without the right guidance and counselling, hormones can get us into lots of trouble. But thanks to the almighty I had great sensible friends who were my family. Being a friend also means supporting you no matter what you choose in the end, being with you when everything goes wrong. I'm proud to say I have such friends who'd stand by me no matter what I choose or do in my life and I am also proud to say that I am such a friend to them too.

I've got a great friend in Arvind Kumar, who some people know as a Viscom teacher, my neighbour, the one who worries a lot and yet pretends not to care a damn, one who is non-commital to any kind of relationship except friendship. I used to think he was afraid of complications that come with any commitments in a relationship. But little did I share his wisdom then. He knew all along how things worked in this world. It was from him I learnt that it is always better to love the one who loves you than the one whom you love! He's one hell of a great guy and I should say he is wise for his age even though he still would look like he's hardly 25!

When you fall in love, it is always difficult to initially convince your best friends that you have made the right choice, but whether your choice was right or wrong they often stand by you even if you chose the rudest guy to be your boyfriend and in the end when things turn sour, the best friends still stand by and say - We told you so!!!! That is what best friends are for.

I am happy that my friends are settling down and I am trying to do so too but only time will tell.

More later,


Arunn said...

Love the line - fairy tales don't always come true but you could however feel like a princess if you find the right person - a nice way to look at life :) Wish that ur dream comes true n u live like a princess and have a fairy tale life with a loooong happily ever after!!!

Kaya said...

SO so true Pri!!
Here's wishing u guys settle down soon too! :)
Much luv!

disturbedalchemy said...

never settle.....always live life to the fullest!!! lovely post!!!

Priya.T.S said...

I don't think I'll ever settle ......

Sindhana said...

you are a princess for sure...!!! xxxxxx